Breathing Techniques to reduce Stress and Anxiety

You may be living with increased anxiety and stress, following your cardiac event. 

One way to tackle those difficult feelings can be around using breathing techniques.  When we breathe calmly or deeply (properly – not just hyperventilating), it lowers the stress cortisol in our system.  It stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system which activates a response in our bodies to rest and relax – the total opposite of the fight or flight response when we are responding to possible threats.  Breathing techniques aren’t just there for distraction – but can actually help you feel calm again.  The video at the end of this list explains a bit more of the science around it.  


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Collarbone Breathing

Collarbone breathing is a lovely technique that involves a particular breathing pattern, whilst tapping just below your collarbone.  If you have had a recent operation or have a pacemaker / ICD fitted, maybe look at one of the other videos or avoid this area for tapping.

Colour Breathing

This is my absolute favourite approach to breathing exercises – if you have seen me for a session, I’ve probably demonstrated it, if you asked for some info on calm breathing!

For this, ideally you will be in a comfortable position and just allow yourself to have a few minutes of peace and calm.

Counted Breathing

There are a couple of examples given in this video.

Square breathing – I always think of following your eyes around a square object in the room as you breathe in, hold for a moment, breathe out and hold for a moment.

7/11 breathing – the act of breathing out for longer than you breathe in.   

The Science of Breathing

For those of you who want to understand a bit more about why breathing helps – then please check this video out.  

I hope you have enjoyed this set of videos around breathing techniques.  I welcome any feedback so please do get in touch with questions or comments.  

Best wishes