Navigate the emotional aftermath of a heart attack/cardiac event

Ready to live your life again?

Following a heart attack or any other cardiac event, illness or operation, it can be common to have a range of emotions.

Thoughts and feelings ranging from stress to anxiety to anger to loss of confidence in your health, exercise or returning to daily life.  

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Regain control and embrace a healthier, calmer, happier future.

The doctors have told you to get back on with your life, but you can’t understand why you are finding it so tough. You seem to have lost some of your confidence and just feeling more stressed or anxious.

You expected to be feeling happy and focused on regaining your health and wellbeing, but you can’t shake the “What if’s”.  You just feel more worried about doing normal things like leaving the house, going back to work or  thinking about going on holiday.   You want the ‘old you’ back again.  

Recovering from a heart attack is not just about healing your body.  It is also dealing with the unique challenges that come with a significant life event so that you can get back on with life again.  

My Services

  • 1:1 Counselling and Therapy provide a safe space for you to talk through your feelings, fears, and concerns and help you gain some perspective on what happened.
  • Hypnotherapy, Mindset and Relaxation techniques: I will teach you practical techniques to be able to switch off from issues / problems, stop anxiety, improve sleep and handle life with a sense of calmness.
  • Support for the family:  Heart disease can affect not just you but family and friends as well. I can help your family members understand and address the emotional and practical impact as part of a 1:1 or  joint session.
Liz -Heartsense Cardiac Counselling

Why Choose HeartSense Cardiac Counselling?

  • Liz Sharpe is a highly experienced counsellor and therapist who understands the emotional and practical pressures that can result from living alongside a heart condition.
  • With a background in working in community rehab services, Liz believes in providing the person with the tools to be able to help themselves.
  • Confidentiality: Your privacy is of utmost importance. You can be assured that everything discussed during your sessions will remain confidential and nothing will appear in your health records.
  • Sessions are generally held online using zoom or whats app video call, or through a phone call.   

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